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The Davis' Family History

On Christmas Eve of 1776, Joshua Davis purchased the first tract of land to become the Davis Family’s farm. At his death, Joshua Davis owned over 2,000 continuous acres of farmland in Norther Wayne Co, a saw mill, grist mill, and turpentine still. Since then, the Davis Farms have remained in continuous agriculture production and continuous ownership of direct descendants of Joshua Davis. 

Come by and enjoy our fantastic products, events, and activities all year long. Read on to learn more about our operations, products, and activities.

Our Roots Run Deep

In 1970 The NC Dept. of Agriculture created its Century Farm program to honor and recognize all farms in the state with 100+ years of ownership. The Davis Farms was one of the first to receive this recognition. In 2016 the NC Dept. of Ag added a Bicentennial Farm program to recognize any farm in the state with at least 200 years of continuous ownership. Again, Davis Farms was one of the first in the state to receive the recognition. Currently, there are less than 20 farms in the state to be recognized as Bicentennial Farms.


In the Summer of 2021, Joshua S Davis, his wife, Erin, and two daughters (Delaney and Bayleigh) moved back to the farm to continue the nearly 250-year Davis farming legacy, yet bring the farm into the 21st century and take it in a new direction where they are currently producing a wide range of produce and raising livestock and poultry on pasture, focusing on regenerative farming practices and offering high-quality products and hosting many agritourism opportunities and events throughout the year. 

The next time you are visiting the farm, please stop and ask us about our farm's history. We love to tell people our story of how we are continuing our family farming tradition while meeting the current needs of the community. 

Davis Family Farmhouse Porch Closeup

Our Mission

We are committed to growing and producing quality fruits and vegetables along with pasture-raised meats, poultry, and eggs using regenerative farming methods at Davis Family Farms. Many of our agriculture practices are rooted in old and traditional farming methods. Yet, through the prism of history and modern science, we can recognize and eliminate routines that were not as healthy for our land and ourselves. Along with rotating our crops, we also rotate our livestock and poultry on and off of our fields. This improves the health of our soil and significantly decreases our need for chemical fertilizer. We NEVER use Round-up to prep our fields for planting. The vast majority of our crops are all grown from heirloom seeds. And every decision concerning our produce and livestock is made with the health of our land, our animals, and above all else, our consumers in mind. This allows us to provide the highest quality and healthiest products available. 

Along with focusing on growing a wide range of products, we often open our farm to the public. From our Farmhouse stays (available on Airbnb) to our many on-farm events, our goal is to provide unique farm experiences that allow for fun for the whole family yet connects our guest to both the history of our land and where their food comes from. 

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